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How mangOH Is Empowering Industrial IoT Developers to Create a More Connected World

by Ashish Syal, Chief Engineer

Perhaps the greatest inventor the world has ever known, Thomas Alva Edison, is credited as saying that “genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” A quick examination of the world of IoT application development reveals the truth behind this statement. Many developers have brilliant, ground-breaking ideas for innovative new Industrial IoT applications that could potentially transform entire industries. However, turning those ideas into prototypes and then into commercial products is a long, hard slog, one in which promising applications are derailed due to problems that include long development cycles, prototypes that break down during field testing or difficulties in finding or working with the design and manufacturing partners needed to bring an application to market. Venture capitalists and companies investing in these new Industrial IoT applications might have some patience regarding these roadblocks, but, even for the most promising application ideas, eventually their patience will wear out, and these ideas will be left unrealized. 

However, while bringing a transformative Industrial IoT application to market may never be a walk in the park, Sierra Wireless’ mangOH® open source hardware platform is making it easier. MangOH helps developers address many of the problems that limit their ability to quickly and cost-effectively commercialize Industrial IoT applications. In particular, mangOH’s open source model and diverse developer community, industrial-grade components and extensive ecosystem enable developers to reduce the time and resources they need to spend building Industrial IoT applications. The result? More transformative Industrial IoT applications brought to market, better returns for these applications’ investors and an investment community more open to disruptive, bold ideas for new Industrial IoT applications.

Open Source by Developers, for Developers

Out-of-the-box, the mangOH open source hardware platform provides developers with up to 90% of the hardware (and, with the open source Legato® platform, software as well) they need to build a prototype for their IoT application. With mangOH, developers do not have to write their own drivers for most of their hardware or otherwise spend time and money “reinventing the wheel.” Moreover, for help in securing or building the other 10%, developers can find advice and support in the forums, hangouts and other resources of the growing mangOH community. In addition, because both mangOH and Legato are open source, developers are free to copy, modify and build a commercial product using their prototype’s hardware and software design. Whereas previously, industrial developers found themselves starting from square one whenever they began trying to turn an idea for an Industrial IoT application into reality, the open source mangOH platform allows them to jump ahead in the process, while also making it easier to move from a prototype ready for testing to a product ready for sale.

Industrial-Grade Components Built to Handle Rigorous Real-World Conditions

In creating mangOH, Sierra Wireless did not just focus on delivering developers the open source resources they need to accelerate the IoT application go-to-market process – we also built a platform specifically designed for industrial IoT applications. Unlike other open source platforms, mangOH uses industrial-grade components and comes with a CF3™ socket that supports 2G,3G,4G and new LPWA cellular modules; a broad range of onboard sensors often required for Industrial IoT applications; Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity on-board to provide broader wireless coverage; and an application processor to write application code. IoT cards provide expandability and scalability.

Costs and development times can quickly increase if a developer needs to add sensors and other components to their IoT application prototype or if their prototype breaks down as it is being tested in the field. By including connectivity and sensors commonly used for Industrial IoT applications and building it with vetted, industrial-grade components, mangOH helps developers avoid these issues and get their Industrial IoT application to market quicker.

An Extensive Ecosystem of Potential Partners

As much as developers might want to do everything themselves, it is practically inevitable that most will need to partner with design and manufacturing firms if they want to get their Industrial IoT application into the hands of customers. Here, the extensive mangOH ecosystem can again help developers address roadblocks that might otherwise increase the time and money they need to invest bringing their application to market. Leading IoT device design and manufacturing firms and technology providers such as ARM, Bosch Sensortec, Flex, Jabil MediaTek, Orange, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Talon Communications participate in the mangOH community, and their extensive familiarity with mangOH makes it easier for developers to partner with them as they seek to turn their prototype into a commercial product.  

Developers around the world are realizing the benefits that come from the industrial-grade mangOH open source hardware platform and its growing ecosystem. Comb Communications, Mahindra Electric, Renfell, Glassboard, Brnkl and numerous other developers have used mangOH to take security, weather monitoring, transportation and other Industrial IoT applications from proof of concept to commercialization.  In fact, today hundreds of IoT applications have been vetted using the mangOH platform. This success is fueling a virtuous cycle – as more developers use mangOH to successfully bring IoT applications to market, the mangOH ecosystem and community expands further, delivering further value to developers who use mangOH.

As Edison experienced himself, taking even a brilliant idea from the drawing board to market requires a lot of sweat (if not some blood and tears, as well). However, mangOH is enabling developers to spend less time sweating the small stuff, with an open source hardware platform that features industrial-grade components and a large and growing ecosystem that allows them to quickly and cost-effectivity turn Industrial IoT ideas into real-world applications. 

Start with Sierra to find out more about how mangOH can empowers you to build innovative new Industrial IoT solutions that will reimagine the future. Attendees of the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit, June 5, will be the first to see and test the next-generation mangOH platform – mangOH Yellow – super sensor for connected IoT, no matter what you want to measure. Register for the event or visit for more information.