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IoT Connectivity Helps Tracking Solution Providers Finish First

The Internet of Things (IoT) is speeding past new boundaries, like a rally car, zipping across the road. New technology can be as daunting as it is exhilarating—at new each stage, digital transformation is disruptive, and innovation is needed to gain a competitive advantage.

The need for consistent, connected technology in the transportation industry was demonstrated at the recent 4L Trophy, a humanitarian rally in which 1,450 cars, each with a two-person team, raced from France to Spain, across the Mediterranean sea to Morocco, as part of an eight-day 3,700-mile trek to raise money for Moroccan schoolchildren. This year, for the first time in its 20-year history, all cars had a safer journey thanks to the geolocation solution provider Solustop

A Solustop GPS/GPRS SK06 tracking device was installed in each rally vehicle. These geolocation devices are equipped with an alert button to assure security during the rally. In case of incident, the rally participant can notify organizers who can then arrange the necessary medical or mechanical assistance, no matter if they were racing across a desert expanse or through a rural idyll. 

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The Challenges of Tracking Across Countries and Continents

It’s one thing to connect stationary objects in buildings; it’s another altogether when the sensors and trackers are moving across borders, through multiple networks. During the race, cars moved from urban to rural settings, with either a diversity of cellular options or a paucity. They would enter zones where there is only one network, and even “grey zones” that had very weak coverage.

That kind of limited service, especially when dealing with the logistical challenges of tracking vehicles, would have rendered Solustop’s innovative solutions practically moot. Their industry-leading technology got them most of the way there. They then turned to Sierra Wireless to get across the finish line. 

The Smart Connectivity Solution to Global Connectivity
A multi-national race requires multi-national coverage. A regular SIM card connects only to the home operator network, and to preferred alliance networks when roaming. That’s not the case with Sierra Wireless’ Smart Connectivity offering with worldwide SIM. The worldwide SIM offers access to ALL mobile networks in the 28 European countries, and most networks in the rest of the world, allowing it to select the best network based on service quality. If the worldwide SIM detects that its current network is no longer available, it will seek out and connect to another network autonomously. This ability keeps Solustop’s tracking devices always online, so that drivers are safer, and the organizers are better informed, allowing them to spend more time on the humanitarian actions at the heart of the rally. 

Growing Demand for Reliable Global Tracking  
The number of industries that will require accurate global geolocation services is growing. As they become more affordable and sophisticated, more logistics and transportation companies will be using them (in addition to them becoming ubiquitous in security fields). These will be used for mission critical services: to track precious goods, to optimize routes, to protect workers in remote areas, or to allow passengers to know when the next train or bus is coming. All of this can save money—but only if they are paying the right price for connectivity. 

The Sierra Wireless Smart Connectivity offering offers a resilient multi-operator global connectivity service at regional or global pricing. Equipping geolocation devices with it will give clients the benefits of simplified operations, reliable service availability, reduced costs and predictability. 

There are some things in life you don’t want to be predictable. If you know who is going to win a race before it starts, it’s no fun. But when it comes to connectivity and costs, you want to know in advance that you are going to have consistency on both fronts. Start with Sierra to offer your clients the kind of peace of mind that comes with predictable connectivity, no matter where they are on the planet.