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The Envelope, Please: Announcing the Winners of the mangOH Yellow Giveaway Contest

by Ashish Syal, Chief Engineer
Earlier this year, we invited IoT developers to participate in the mangOH Yellow Giveaway Contest. The rules were simple: we asked them to submit their ideas for new IoT applications they would like to develop using mangOH Yellow, the newest and smallest member of the mangOH family of open source hardware platforms for quickly turning IoT ideas into commercial products. Since launching mangOH Yellow last year, we have been providing beta versions of the platform to a small group of IoT developers in advance of its general availability later this year.

The mangOH Yellow contest was a huge success, attracting entries from a diverse set of applicants in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. While industrial IoT (IIoT) applications were most prominent, the applicants proposed a variety of innovative applications, ranging from animal tracking and waste management, to weather tracking and remote oil well management. 

Due to the large number of strong entries, we increased the total number of winners from 30 to 40, each of whom will receive one mangOH Yellow Beta platform, 1 Breakout Board, one WP7702 Sierra Wireless module, and one Sierra Wireless Smart SIM, which may include a limited amount of wireless data, depending on the jurisdiction in which the applicable winner is located. Additionally, the IoT development contest winners gain six free months of access to Octave, our recently previewed IoT data orchestration platform.

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We are thrilled to help grow and support the overall mangOH community in this way and to help developers reduce IoT application development time and costs – simplifying the process of making new IoT applications a reality. 

Get to know some of the mangOH Yellow contest winners below, which include large global enterprises, small startups, universities, and individual IoT developers.
  • A startup with a focus on smart cities sees mangOH Yellow as ideal for waste management. mangOH yellow has all the needed sensors to build a trash bin sensor – including a gyroscope to detect that the bin has been emptied, and a temperature sensor to detect fire – as well as the ability to add ultrasonic sensors to measure the fullness of the bin.
  • A foundation based in Burkina Faso is building a thermo-regulated backpack to carry vaccines from urban to rural areas in Africa. The equipment is designed to keep vaccines and pharmaceuticals at the right temperature for more than 90 hours when the equipment is sealed. mangOH Yellow would allow the foundation to add a monitoring system that can remotely track equipment in the field and monitor critical data like temperature.
  • An oilfield services and technology provider wants to use mangOH Yellow to explore low-power solutions for temperature sensors at remote oil wells. Current systems require large battery banks and solar setups to survive the cold dark winters. Even more challenging, they are inaccessible for a large part of the year and incredibly expensive to maintain. 
  • A company focused on aircraft connectivity solutions proposed using mangOH Yellow for tracking cargo that is being transported by air. This asset tracking could encompass location of asset, temperature of cargo contents, sudden movements of fragile cargo, and more.
  • A university sees great promise in using mangOH Yellow to create a wildlife tracking IoT application that will track animal location on a map that aggregates other useful pieces of information. This comprehensive view would allow zoologists to better protect wildlife bio-diversity.
The diversity of mangOH Yellow contest use cases that applicants came up with demonstrates how mangOH Yellow’s fully integrated hardware, software, and cloud and connectivity services – all delivered in a small form factor – can be put to use in designing a variety of end-to-end solutions with great ease. All the users have to worry about is writing the application – the rest is all taken care of.

The mangOH Yellow platform will soon be fully certified by the FCC, CE, PTCRB, and GCF, which will further increase its attractiveness as a viable solution for use in small-scale IoT deployments. 

We look forward to making mangOH Yellow generally available in October 2019, just prior to our IoT Innovation Summit this Fall. In the meantime, we will start shipping mangOH Yellow units to our IoT development contest winners at the end of July. 

A heartfelt thanks to all our contestants – we applaud your creativity. 

Start with Sierra to find out more about how mangOH can empower you to build innovative and transformative new IoT applications.