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Two Experiences, One Developer Kit: Meet Cloud-to-Edge

by Thibault Cantegrel, Director, Developer Program
You may think that there are only two kinds of IoT developer kits. First, the industrial-grade kits with serious hardware, that require embedded software expertise, deal with embedded O/S, drivers and more, and with which you can only develop in C on micro-controllers.

There are also the cloud-friendly dev kits, intended for Java, scripting languages, Rest APIs and other types of applications. Fun and easy to use, these kits let you build demos and mock-ups quickly with basic programming. However, the limited abilities of a cloud-friendly dev kit mean that your mock-ups are unlikely to become fully-functioning, real-world products. 

What if there were a developer kit that could offer both experiences? A kit designed first for embedded programming experts, but one that still offers a cloud-friendly experience for beginners – all wrapped up into an industrial-grade hardware platform.

How about a unified platform and programming experience for developing embedded software and cloud applications? 

That’s what we’re offering you at IoT Developer Day during a hands-on session testing our new mangOH Red-based developer kit. Test and give feedback on a brand-new experience, still in alpha, and shape the future of this framework with real developers’ experiences. We call this new experience “Cloud-to-Edge.”

Test the New Cloud-to-Edge Experience at IoT Developer Day 2017
Join us on November 7th in San Jose, CA for Sierra Wireless IoT Developer Day, and receive a developer kit based on mangOH Red open source platform, with 100MB of cellular connectivity, free cloud accounts and 2.5 hours of step-by-step training. Valued at $200, you’ll bring this dev kit home for free.

  • Learn how to collect and enrich data from ground sensors, by aggregating, combining, and filtering your data.
  • Learn how to balance processing power between the edge and the cloud seamlessly, and make more efficient applications that reduce the consumption of power and connectivity bandwidth.
We’ll be there to guide and support you through this exciting experience, with six Sierra Wireless experts taking you through each step – from unboxing your new dev kit to pushing your data to the cloud. 

Thanks to our featured partner, Google Cloud Platform, the afternoon session will integrate Google Cloud IoT Core and attendees will get free credits for the Google Cloud IoT Platform. 

Plus, you’ll get to kick off the morning with a full line-up of Sierra Wireless leaders, including CTO Philippe Guillemette. Don’t miss the keynote from Antony Passemard, Head of Product Management for Google Cloud IoT

Space is filling up fast! Register now for IoT Developer Day.