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LTE-M Technology is Coming to a Network Near You

by Gus Vos, Chief Engineer, Technology Standards
We’ve been talking a lot lately about the huge potential that Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies have in store for IoT.  They open and expand new IoT use cases by providing the critical three C’s, which other wireless technologies can’t provide.

Now we have the exciting news that AT&T launched an LTE-M network in San Francisco, and plans to make the technology widely available across its commercial network throughout 2017.  As a reminder, LTE-M, also referred to as Category-M1 (Cat-M1), is one of the three LPWA technologies standardized by 3GPP earlier this year.

Our AirPrime CF3 modules are used in the LTE-M pilot to demonstrate how LTE-M technology expands and improves support for a wide range of IoT applications like smart utility meters, asset monitoring, alarm systems, mHealth and wearables.

Read AT&T’s announcement to find out more about the participants in the AT&T pilot.

Watch for my next post, which gets into more detail about how LPWA technologies will help fulfill the promise of Smart Cities.