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Understand How Optimized Connectivity Improves IoT ROI

The Internet of Things (IoT) will transform your business by providing business insights, improving business process and connecting you to your customers. IoT projects are often about transformation—moving from selling products to selling services—and effectively measuring ROI is key to success.

But how do you truly measure your IoT connectivity initiatives? Where do companies get bogged down, and why is it so challenging?

When looking at IoT ROI, it’s important to focus on measurable objectives. We see customers looking to reduce:  service costs, customer down time or mean time to repair (MTTR), and looking to increase: service revenue (MRR), new customers, service efficiency gains (fewer truck rolls), or customer satisfaction.

Ongoing connectivity costs are often significantly understated and account for up to 30 percent of IoT deployment OPEX, according to Analysis Mason. Optimizing connectivity, identifying hidden connectivity costs and pinpointing your real cost per Megabyte will lead to a successful IoT deployment.

To learn more about quantifying the ROI for your IoT initiatives, watch this on-demand webinar.