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Introducing mangOH® Red: Open Source Hardware for Industrial IoT

by Ashish Syal, Chief Engineer
At the Innovation Summit 2015, we announced a new open source hardware initiative for the Internet of Things, called Project mangOH®. The idea came from a problem we were seeing again and again in IoT: there are many ideas that never get prototyped, and of those that do get prototyped, many more never make it to market due to time, cost and complexity. The goals were simple:

  • Make it easy for developers to prototype with any wired, wireless, or sensor technology based on their unique IoT use case;
  • Create designs with industrial-grade components to make it easy to turn prototypes into products;
  • AND—this is what makes Project mangOH truly unique—make it completely open, providing the ability to copy, modify, and build commercial products based on the designs.

We worked hard at getting the infrastructure in place. In just one short year, the project has really taken off, with an active developer community that’s exceeded our expectations and is still growing. We’re working with universities, developer forums and expanding the community that’s empowering industrial makers, and small and medium companies to take their concept to prototype to product…fast.

The first reference design, now commercialized as mangOH Green and available through element14, along with an active Github site with demo and platform-specific code, IoT Expansion Cards, both I/O standard and proof of concepts, were core to the project. Today, mangOH Green is the most expandable and scalable IoT platform on the market.

Now, fast forward to the Innovation Summit 2016, where we announced a second reference design for the community, mangOH Red, and the focus has shifted to application enablement. This board is for the makers, the educators and the industrial innovators who want to build and grow the IoT into new low-power applications.

mangOH Red is a revolutionary open hardware platform that will enable the most power-efficient designs yet. Using this platform and Sierra Wireless’s CF3® module, you can achieve 10 years of battery life. It’s built with the capabilities that the industrial maker community needs:

  • It’s the size of a credit card—one quarter the size of mangOH Green (61mmx69mm)
  • It has one CF3 socket that can take LTE-M1, 2G, 3G, 4G using WP/HL modules
  • We also provide you a SIM slot that can be used with any commercially available SIM
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with b/g/n capabilities, and support for both STA/AP capabilities, so you can use it as a hotspot or as a client
  • Bluetooth 4.2 with BLE capabilities
  • A Cortex M4 to provide real-time access to I/O, which will be open to the community for programming
  • One IoT Expansion Card slot based on the IoT Connector open standard, so any application that works on mangOH Green will work on mangOH Red
  • 26-pin Raspberry Pi compatible connector
  • Audio codec
  • Battery charging
  • Built-in Accelerometer/Gyroscope, Pressure and Light sensors
  • Micro SD Card slot
  • 3D-printable case designs
My next posts will get into the use cases for mangOh Red, and some of the cool products that have already resulted from mangOH Green.

Go build something new! Check out for more.