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mangOH at SiDo (Lyon) & Device Developer Conference (Cambridge)

A new kind of open source hardware for IoT products

Open source hardware initiatives have emerged to fulfil educational needs. Arduino is one of the most well-known examples. It has been very successful so far, but its reach has been mainly limited to DIYers, teachers and students, or engineers who want to “play with,” discover, or showcase a technology. However, truly open source hardware has not been widely used in the industry. But a new kind of open source hardware is now emerging.

Project mangOH™ is a new category of open source hardware platforms for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). The design philosophy behind Project mangOH is simple:
  • Keep the designs open source and business friendly so anyone can copy, modify, and build commercial products based on them
  • Make them flexible enough to adapt to any IoT use-case based on wired, wireless, and sensor technologies
  • Design them with industrial-grade components so that prototypes can be easily turned into a commercial products
  • Partner with other open source initiatives, such as the Legato® Linux platform, to remove the complexity of hardware integration

Project mangOH designs deliver 90% of your prototype out-of-the-box so that software developers can build reliable IoT solutions easily, and hardware designers can customize it to create new hardware IoT devices easily.

mangOH will be presented by Sierra Wireless during these two upcoming events:

Get your hands on mangOH

Linkwave & Sierra Wireless will be hosting mangOH workshop for developers during the Device Developer Conference held in Cambridge on April-27 & 28. Linkwave is a very experienced partner of Sierra Wireless that supports IoT solution projects in the UK, and a key contributor for mangOH and Legato. Experts from both companies will be there to support developers who are willing to experience the development of a sensor-to-cloud IoT solution within few hours. Bring your laptop!

For the first time, developers will be able to use IoT connectors with mangOH too!

(picture from hands-on session organized in Norway in 2015)

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