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What Hands-On mangOH Workshops Look Like

by Thibault Cantegrel, Director, Developer Program

Hands on mangOH sessions

What does a hands-on mangOH session look like? A room full of developers, mangOH Green open source hardware boards, computers, cables, sensors, and of course some casual food and drink to sustain the session and help the networking. Add a presenter, a few expert folks to support attendees, and you're ready to get everybody developing an actual working IoT sensor-to-cloud application within 2 hours.

It has been a pleasure to get you guys experiencing mangOH & Legato in the previous weeks, and we look forward to the next session!

Please register at to get more news about mangOH -- which will be available soon for purchasing online.

The next hands-on mangOH session is planned for the UK Device Developers’ Conference in Cambridge, April-27-28. Feel free to join and register for the session! We'll have some new & exciting things for you to test.

Pics from mangOH sessions

Here's a few pics from the last four hands-on mangOH sessions we did in Germany & South Africa (Erlangen, Johannesburg, Durban & Capetown):

Hands-on mangOH sessions

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