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Innovation Summit: Develop an Open Hardware Based Wireless IoT Application

by Thibault Cantegrel, Director, Developer Program

What does a real IoT wireless application look like? Would you like to learn how to create a simple application yourself in a few hours, based on open hardware, and with the help of experts? How about taking home an open hardware based dev kit to continue the experience? 

Come to our Innovation Summit, held in Paris on June 17. You won't regret it! 

1. Sign up for the event here: -- use the code "SWDEVRC" on the standard rate to get a special entry fee :) 

2. Make your way to lovely Paris 

3. Learn from the plenary sessions in the morning. Highlight: The keynote by Tony Fish, founder of Fab Lab London: What is the future of IoT wireless technologies? Open hardware is a key component, enabling easy & rapid prototyping. 

4. Watch and touch more than a dozen IoT demos in a dedicated showroom during the lunch break 

5. Join one of the two 3-hour technical tracks in the afternoon: 

Technical Track #1

- Put your hands on a brand new piece of Open Hardware, developed specifically for industrial applications.

- Kit provided: Open hardware board with a wireless processor (airtime included), Legato embedded Linux platform, sensors.

- Skills required: Embedded software development skills required for the second part.

- Skill level: basic (1st part) / medium (2nd part)

- Configuration required: Windows PC x64, Linux PC x64 

Technical Track #2 

- Learn how wireless connectivity and IoT services simplify your project development, and create exciting web services for your customers quickly. Use an M2M Cloud. 

- Kit provided: Arduino board, 3G wireless shield (airtime included), AirVantage M2M Cloud 

- Skills required: No development skills required. 

- Skill level: basic 

- Configuration required: none (1st part); PC/Mac (2nd part)

6. If you were in Track #1, take home your open hardware! 

Want to get in touch with the event team and ask questions? Follow us on twitter: @sierradeveloper