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IoT Design Challenge Winner: A Carbon Footprint Monitoring System

by Crystal Lam, Product Marketing Manager, AirVantage

Back in November, Sierra Wireless co-sponsored "In the Air," a Internet of Things (IoT) design challenge organized by Element14. During the 4-month contest period, 15 engineers accepted the challenge to use the provided IoT development kit (which included the AirVantage IoT platform) to create solutions for a cleaner, more breathable world. 

We were pleased and surprised by the impressive designs delivered by the contest participants - picking one winner wasn’t an easy task. But among all the creative and ambitious projects submitted, Christever del Rosario from New Zealand was selected as the first prize winner for his "Carbon Footprint Monitoring System."

(Image source: Element14 blog)

Christever built a system to measure the daily CO2 emissions from his car and indirectly from his household’s energy consumption. A mobile app was developed to monitor these parameters. He used the AirVantage platform to integrate the sensor data with the mobile app. He also used AirVantage to remotely control the "smart plugs" and "smart switches" in his house, to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. 

Thanks to the prototype he built, Christever has already identified some simple ways to reduce his carbon footprint by analyzing the historical data (stored in AirVantage). He already has some new ideas to add for predictive analysis into his application. The design challenge is finished, but Christever will continue to improve his project. 

Demo at the Innovation Summit

Come meet up with Christever at the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit

He will fly in from his New Zealand home town to Paris to be with us at this exciting event taking place on June 17. He will exhibit his carbon footprint monitoring system, and share his experience with the AirVantage platform in the presentation session. 

You can also read more about this and other IoT projects on Element14’s blog.