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Cellular Backup Provides Broadband Connectivity Insurance that Businesses Rely On

Reliable Internet connectivity is mandatory for businesses today. Connectivity is critical for virtually every aspect of daily operations, from financial transactions, to maintaining product information and collecting customer data. When outages happen—whether due to power outages, construction accidents, storms or any number of circumstances—Cable Service Providers (CSPs) need a back-up plan to keep their customers connected. 

Sierra Wireless has developed an automated Wireless LTE Backup Service that enables CSPs to offer Small-Medium Business (SMB) and Enterprise customers always-on internet connectivity. With the simple installation of a cellular modem at the customer’s location, a CSP can instantly provide the added insurance of a managed 4G LTE service. When there is a problem with the primary connection, the Sierra Wireless LTE Backup Service will automatically restore the Internet connection using the cellular wireless network, greatly increasing service reliability. This ensures customers avoid the pain of broadband service outages. 

The Wireless LTE Backup Service combines reliable network connectivity with a secure LTE dual SIM router. The solution monitors the broadband and wireless link sand manages the fail over/fail back between the two when outages occur. The CSP can also select the right cellular service provider based on price, quality or performance.

The fully-managed service offering enables CSPs to seamlessly upgrade new and existing customers in a automated fashion that makes the cellular service plug and play. Customers now have the added protection from network outages enabling their businesses to operate without disruptions.

If you’re attending CableLabs Summer Conference 2019, Aug 5-7, in Keystone, CO, come see us at table 49 to learn more about how our Wireless LTE Backup Service can ensure your customers connectivity is always open for business.