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A Sneak Peek into the Innovation Summit Demo Showroom

by Nicolas Gravouil, Embedded Software Project Manager, WVAT S&S R&D - Quality

With less than three weeks to go until the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit in Paris on June 17, excitement is building up around the event. In addition to the speaker agenda, we and our partners are busy preparing a top-notch demo showroom with almost 20 live IoT application demos for you to watch, touch and have fun with! 

To give you a taste of what to expect, here’s a sneak peek at one of the demos we’ll be showing at the event: A usage-based insurance (UBI) application built with an open hardware development kit, our open source Legato embedded platform, and a web application based on AirVantage APIs. 

An end-to-end UBI use case

The use case, or proof of concept, is composed of:
  • An embedded device (an AirPrime WP open hardware dev kit), with an application to monitor vehicle journeys and user behavior
  • A web application, based on AirVantage APIs, for easy access to data

Embedded application

The embedded device is autonomous; it is just embedded in the car, not linked to any car sensors. Its main features are:
  1. Journey detection
  2. Journey and user behavior monitoring.

The embedded device is an AirPrime WP open hardware dev kit, with an AirPrime WP7104 module. The module already contains a GPS and we add an accelerometer. 

Journey detection 
The detection of a journey is based on the accelerometer. As soon as movement is detected, we consider that a new journey begins. After 2 minutes without movement, the journey is stopped. 

To monitor journeys and user behavior, accelerometer data are uploaded to AirVantage every 100mS and GPS data are uploaded each time the car has moved more than 50 meters. Data are uploaded during the journey.

Web application

The purpose of the web application, which is based on AirVantage APIs, is to easily view all journey details of a vehicle.
After the log in page, you can select the vehicle you want to monitor:

Once the vehicle is selected, you will see the last 15 days’journeys. The selected journey is shown on a map:

When we click the "Detail" button, a popup appears with all accelerometer data and more journey details:

Learn more about the Innovation Summit here.