Kweather selects Sierra Wireless 4G cellular modules to connect world’s first LTE-enabled IoT air quality monitors

Industrial-grade AirPrime® HL Series provides carrier-certified global coverage on a single module for reliable indoor and outdoor sensor connectivity
Seoul, South Korea-October 13, 2016
Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR)(TSX: SW), a leading provider of fully integrated end-to-end solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, today announced that Kweather has selected AirPrime® HL Series embedded modules to enable cellular connectivity for its AirGuard K air quality sensors being used in hospitals, commercial spaces and apartment buildings in South Korea. Sierra Wireless HL Series modules provide pin-to-pin compatibility for easy future migration as Kweather expands into global markets.

“The high-speed and reliable cellular connectivity provided by Sierra Wireless’ LTE module is a critical part of our solution and has been a growth driver for our business,” said Ethan Kim, Head of AirGuard K IoT Division at Kweather. “Many of our customers, ranging from large enterprises to office buildings and movie theatres, are much more satisfied with our LTE model than our previous Wi-Fi connected product because it so rarely experiences network interruptions.”

Based in Seoul, Kweather is South Korea’s largest privately run weather service. It introduced the AirGuard K LTE in March 2016, which was the world’s first LTE based IoT air quality monitor to operate on a cellular 4G LTE network. The AirGuard K monitors fine dust, temperature, humidity, CO2, noise and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and transmits that data to the cloud to be analyzed and viewed in real-time via mobile app. According to the 2016 Environmental Performance Index published by the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy, South Korea ranks 173 out of 180 countries for poor air quality. The AirGuard K provides insight into environmental conditions so consumers can make informed decisions. Kweather has been able to attract larger corporate customers to grow their market share with this new LTE model because it offers more reliable and accurate real-time data compared to their first generation Wi-Fi based products.

“Sierra Wireless HL Series modules provide advanced, flexible and future-proof cellular connectivity,” said Dan Schieler, Senior Vice President and General Manager, OEM Solutions for Sierra Wireless. “Customers like Kweather are leveraging the IoT to grow their business while raising awareness of important environmental issues that will ultimately drive positive change for our planet.”

Sierra Wireless AirPrime HL Series modules are the smallest embedded wireless modules (22 x 23 mm) to be completely interchangeable across 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and future LPWA technologies. The HL Series uses the new CF3™ form factor, which is footprint compatible across product lines and network technologies and will remain fully interchangeable with future versions of the modules, including those for LPWA networks when they become available. 

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About Kweather
Kweather was established in 1966 as the Korea Weather Association (KWA), a governmental body under the Korea Meteorological Administration. When the law for private weather business was passed in 1997, KWA incorporated Kweather to provide weather information and content to about 4,000 companies, including private and governmental organizations, press, and mass media. Its main business fields are weather information service, meteorological manufacturing, meteorological evaluation, weather risk consulting service, and integrated S/W system service. For more information, visit:

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