Sierra Wireless USB modem now available on Telstra 4G

With typical download speeds up to 40 Mbps, the Telstra USB 4G provides on-the-go access to multiple bandwidth-heavy tasks without compromise
Vancouver, Canada and Sydney, Australia-September 27, 2011

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW)  and Telstra today announced that the Telstra USB 4G mobile broadband modem (also known as the Sierra Wireless AirCard® 320U) is now available to Telstra and BigPond customers, providing laptop users with access to the newly launched Telstra 4G LTE network.  Rivaling wired broadband speeds, Telstra 4G allows customers to do more things simultaneously, like viewing online photos and checking email while downloading a favorite TV show.  Business customers can take the network with them, multitasking on-the-go and quickly accessing shared folders and applications on a virtual private network.
Telstra CEO David Thodey said Australians could now access one of the world’s most advanced mobile networks delivering some of the fastest mobile download and upload speeds available anywhere.

“Today marks a new high-speed chapter in Australian mobile telecommunications. Telstra’s 4G network delivers mobile speeds scarcely imagined a decade ago, making it easier for people to connect with the things they need and love when on the move,” Mr. Thodey said.

“The superfast speeds mean consumers can download songs faster, get TV shows in minutes and do more things simultaneously. This is just the beginning. Telstra 4G will allow our mobile devices to perform even more advanced tasks and open the door to a host of innovative high-speed services that have yet to be conceived.”

Telstra 4G is available in the central business districts of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra. 4G is also available from launch in more than 30 metropolitan and regional centres. Using the Telstra USB 4G mobile broadband modem, customers in 4G coverage areas can enjoy typical download speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 40Mbps* – up to ten times faster than 3G speeds currently claimed by other Australian telecommunications companies. Customers can also experience typical upload speeds of 1Mbps to 10Mbps – three times faster than previous generations of mobile broadband in Australia. These are some of the fastest mobile download and upload speeds available anywhere.

As well as supporting faster mobile speeds, Telstra 4G provides a more responsive internet connection. Network latency (the time it takes for data to travel from a PC to the internet and back) is around half that experienced on current 3G networks meaning real-time applications like video conferencing, internet gaming and cloud-hosted streaming services work better with less buffering and fewer interruptions.

“The new Telstra USB 4G and the Telstra 4G network provide Australians with the most advanced wireless technology currently available anywhere in the world,” said Jason Cohenour, CEO for Sierra Wireless. “We are very pleased to continue our longstanding collaboration with Telstra to launch the new Telstra USB 4G in Australia.”

The Telstra USB 4G features a thin, matchbook-style design that optimizes the dual-antenna placement for best performance, while including user-friendly details like an articulating and pivoting hinge that works with the widest possible array of laptop USB ports. Sierra Wireless also offers an external antenna for the device, which can improve reception in areas with lower signal strength.

Setup for the Telstra USB 4G is simple, with built-in support for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems. Supporting software automatically installs directly from the device, meaning users can be up and running within minutes.

The BigPond USB 4G can be purchased by consumer customers for $0 (after rebate) on a range of new 24 month plans – including on a $49.95 per month plan with 4GB of data included each month over 24 months (min cost $1,198.80).

The Telstra USB 4G can be purchased by business customers on a range of plans including for $0 upfront on the $39 Telstra Mobile Broadband Standard Plan over 24 months (minimum total cost $936) with 4GB included data.

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* Speeds vary due to factors such as distance from base station, local conditions, user numbers, hardware and software configuration.

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