Sierra Wireless Announces New Release of M2M Studio Integrated Development Environment

Version 1.1.1 includes Linux compliance, original source code, software redistribution, integrated documentation
Vancouver, Canada-December 16, 2009

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR - TSX: SW) today announced a new major release of M2M Studio, a fully integrated environment for the development of embedded machine-to-machine (M2M) software, enabling developers to create, develop, compile, download, debug and test their applications.

M2M Studio 1.1.1 offers a series of enhancements and additions, including a new software redistribution feature which enables developers to create their own embedded software plug-ins and make them accessible to other M2M Studio users. The M2M Studio source code is also made available for developers to customize and recompile, further encouraging the sharing of software between members of the M2M Studio community.

M2M Studio 1.1.1 is compliant with Linux, allowing users to work on PC Linux platforms as well as Windows® to build projects (project edition, compilation and link).

The release includes new software to ease the installation of all Open AT® Software Suite components, including M2M Studio itself. Other enhanced features include automatic notifications of software component updates, direct access to documentation via the help menu, warning pop-ups in case of incompatibility between software components, and an improved "Launch configurations" feature facilitating Segger JTAG usage.

"Since its initial release in January 2009, M2M Studio has proved its appeal to developers of a wide range of innovative M2M applications, including home security systems, asset tracking devices, in-vehicle fleet management, smart utility meters, and fixed wireless telephones," says Didier Dutronc, Senior Vice President, Marketing at Sierra Wireless. "This new release of M2M Studio enables even more creativity and freedom to users when developing and customizing embedded software applications."

M2M Studio is built on Eclipse™ and is compatible with most GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and HSPA embedded modules from Sierra Wireless. The IDE can be downloaded for free from

For more information about the Sierra Wireless M2M Studio IDE, please visit To contact the Sierra Wireless Sales Desk, call +1 (604) 232-1488 or e-mail [email protected].

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