Sierra Wireless expands software development toolkit for OEM customers

New Windows CE SDK enables embedded module customers to improve development time and cost, opens new markets in telematics, transportation, vending, and navigation applications
Vancouver (Canada)-September 04, 2008

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR - TSX: SW) today announced the availability of a new software development kit (SDK) supporting Windows CE operating systems. The Windows CE SDK offers OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers a more streamlined and cost efficient development cycle for devices using Sierra Wireless 3G embedded modules. This makes Sierra Wireless embedded modules a more viable connectivity option for devices using Windows CE to support applications in telematics, transportation, fleet management, navigation, and vending.

“For years, Sierra Wireless has been offering a comprehensive hardware, software and services portfolio to make the process of integrating our embedded modules and developing applications for our products simpler and more cost effective for our customers,” said Trent Punnett, senior vice president, Marketing and Corporate Development for Sierra Wireless. “As mobile broadband speeds continue to improve, developers in new market segments are leveraging integrated 3G wireless technology to improve efficiencies and deliver a robust offering to customers faster and easier.”   

Sierra Wireless has been developing wireless devices supporting the Windows CE operating system for more than 10 years, starting with the release of the AirCard® 300 PC card in 1998. The Windows CE SDK is designed to enable Sierra Wireless customers to leverage this expertise, reducing OEM development costs and time-to-market while enabling wireless wide area networking features with high performance and efficient power management.

The new Windows CE SDK includes device drivers (including USB and NDIS device drivers), an Application Programming Interface (API) with sample applications, a firmware download utility, and documentation. It supports devices designed for both CDMA and UMTS network standards, allowing customers to streamline development time for devices and applications targeted for multiple network operators worldwide.

“Integrating mobile broadband connectivity into the Isochron VendCast® management solution was a challenging task, with regulatory and network certification requirements posing significant risk to our development time and budget,” said Bryan Godwin, chief executive officer for Isochron, a Sierra Wireless embedded module customer. “Leveraging Sierra Wireless’s expertise and experience in developing wireless applications for Windows CE enabled us to take some of the risk and time out of our development schedule and improved our ability to deliver our solution to our customers on schedule and on budget.”

The Sierra Wireless Windows CE SDK allows customers to take advantage of Sierra Wireless’s expertise in wireless device power management, with support for USB selective suspend and access to the Sierra Wireless Control and Status (CnS) API – including commands for SMS, GPS, and data connections – enabling lower power consumption than would be possible using AT commands.

For complex applications requiring a user interface, or for developers using Windows Mobile, the Sierra Wireless Windows CE SDK seamlessly integrates with the go-to-market radio integration service package available from BSQUARE for Sierra Wireless embedded modules. BSQUARE’s go-to-market radio integration service package includes a Radio Interface Layer (RIL), required for Windows Mobile devices.

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