Tattletale Chooses Wavecom to Enable Pioneering Portable Alarm System

Cellular connectivity and application hosting provided by Wavecom Q24 Wireless CPU®; Wireless Microprocessor® 50
Research Triangle Park, NC (USA)-April 01, 2008

Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems, Inc. today announced it has chosen Wavecom as the single source for cellular wireless technology to enable their pioneering portable alarm systems designed to protect any asset, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Tattletale systems have been protecting assets in the field since 1998. As a result of the shutdown of analog cellular networks begun February 18th, 2008, they were required to redesign their products to support digital signal processing. In the process, they evaluated and chose another vendor for cellular modules. According to CEO Brian Hess, that was a mistake. "We got into a lot of trouble and almost wrecked our business with a digital upgrade that amounted to no upgrade at all," says Hess. "We got rescued by Wavecom."

"Not only did we get great value," Hess continues, "more importantly, Wavecom products work. And they're the smartest and most robust on the market."

The latest Tattletale commercial unit features a rugged Wavecom Q24 Wireless CPU® which allows it to connect to the Internet over the cellular network - even under extreme conditions. "Tattletale has a reputation to live up to," says Hess. "Our portable alarm systems have been hit with pick axes and sledge hammers -- even picked up by tornadoes. And they have to work every time. Our brand promise is that 'it's unbeatable', that's why we're Wavecom all the way."

In addition, Tattletale used Wavecom Pre-Certification Services to speed their product certification process. On behalf of Tattletale, Wavecom did RF (Radio Frequency) performance and OTA (Over-The-Air) compliance testing and coordinated lab time and approval paperwork. "They zipped us through the PTCRB process," Hess adds. "Bottom line is, the folks at Wavecom were always there for us. They're real people. They listen well and they get it done."

Looking ahead, Tattletale will integrate the new Wireless Microprocessor® WMP50 into an upcoming consumer product. Going forward, Hess says he will continue to look to Wavecom for support.

About Tattletale

The Tattletale alarm system is the world's first and only transportable, cellular security system with high performance wireless sensors. The system is completely do-it-yourself (DIY) and can be unpacked and activated with Tattletale's central alarm monitoring service and armed within minutes of purchase or lease. Tattletale is designed and engineered so that customers can self-activate the system (with optional accessories) and then protect virtually any asset up to a mile from the self-contained, tamper-proof base unit. Most important, Tattletale makes the call to Tattletale dispatch without a telephone line using cellular wireless transmission to report an alarm event. The commercial product has been reviewed by outside industry and technical experts and is overwhelmingly preferred to alternative asset protection solutions. Tattletale employs a variety of proprietary design, construction and implementation techniques that give it the most technologically advanced products in its marketplace. All Tattletale products are grounded in our portfolio of technology patents, and we will continue to develop and patent new wireless technology as we grow our alarm product family. Currently, Tattletale has been awarded six US patents addressing the hardware, technology, business methodology, and trade-dress of tattletale products. Our family of patents makes it impossible for a competitor to offer competing, transportable wireless alarm products.