Silicon Controls integrates Wavecom Wireless CPU® in GASLOG®

Wavecom Wireless CPU® in new generation of Remote Monitoring System for gas tanks
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France -October 25, 2007

Wavecom S.A. announced today that Silicon Controls has selected the Wavecom Wireless CPU® - Q24Plus for their remote tank monitoring system.

Companies who distribute gas rely on either their customers to call them when their tank is nearly empty or must track estimated consumption and guess when their client's tank is likely to require filling. In either case this does not provide the company with the information needed to successfully optimize its distribution costs or improve service levels.

The GASLOG® telemetry system, which integrates a Wavecom Wireless CPU® with GSM/GPRS features, permits the continuous logging of tank levels, gas usage and other status information from a remote location via cellular communication networks. The information collected is used to: forecast gas usage to optimize scheduling and routing of tank refilling; prepare invoices based on meter readings, and notify maintenance staff of situations requiring attention on site. It also allows the company to differentiate its offer by providing customers with "value-added" services such as a guarantee of supply continuity.

"The Wavecom Q24Plus Wireless CPU® fits the requirement of GASLOG®. Its GSM/GPRS solution offers high quality and reliability for both hardware and software. It provides industry-leading temperature ranges and the Download-Over-The-Air capability ensures longer product life cycles. In addition, Wavecom's extensive international carrier approval process helps us in ensuring fast time-to-market for our products throughout the world," said Mike Neuman, President, Silicon Controls Pty Ltd.

"GASLOG® is the first remote monitoring system for hazardous gas tanks that provides the breakthrough combination of tank mounting and cellular wireless connectivity. We believe that there will be a growing demand for such monitoring systems since both gas distributors and consumers can benefit from this cost-effective solution," commented Didier Dutronc, President, Wavecom Asia-Pacific, Ltd.

GASLOG® is a new generation of remote telemetry equipment which has a number of features that make it a commercially viable proposition based on savings arising from reduced distribution costs such as data collection via cellular network, tank mounting, built-in safety, long battery life, and direct connection to existing sensors and meters.

About Silicon Controls

Silicon Controls is an international leader in remote monitoring and control solutions for demanding commercial and industrial applications. The company's innovative solutions include the world leading GASLOG tank telemetry system and the SC500 Series communications and control servers. These solutions provide a rich set of interface and connectivity options to deliver business value by making reliable and accurate real-time data available to key business applications.

The Silicon Controls Group is based in Sydney, Australia and has been operating since 1990.