Jasper Wireless and Wavecom collaborate to deliver innovative business models for global M2M

Combines new Wavecom StarService featuring inSIM™ with Jasper Wireless global service platform for fast, easy connectivity and control from day one
Sunnyvale, CA (USA) and Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) -October 05, 2007

Jasper Wireless and Wavecom today announced the initial step in building a global partnership for the first all-in-one wireless machine to machine (M2M) infrastructure.

By combining new Wavecom StarService with the Jasper Wireless global service platform, customers get everything they need to connect and manage their machines wirelessly from day one. This connectivity service will be possible using the new Wavecom Wireless Microprocessor® 50 with inSIMTM (embedded SIM), the secure Wavecom Intelligent Device Services, and immediate access to the Jasper Wireless service platform for connecting and managing machines around the world.

"As machine makers scale their businesses using wireless technologies, having their equipment connected out-of-the-box from day one is critical. Jasper Wireless is delighted to work with Wavecom to be the first M2M mobile operator to enable inSIM™," said Jahangir Mohammed, CEO, Jasper Wireless. "Together we will lead the industry in changing the economics of M2M services."

"Wavecom and Jasper Wireless are changing the business model for enterprise by removing the upfront investment that has been a key barrier to mass adoption of wireless M2M," said Ron Black, CEO, Wavecom. "Jasper Wireless is unique in its ability to deliver a single global service and we are delighted to partner with them by combining our companies' great technologies with innovative business models to deliver exceptional value to industrial M2M and automotive customers."

Jasper Wireless operates a service platform, previously unavailable in the M2M market, to connect and manage machines around the world. The service includes three key components. First is the Jasper Wireless M2M Global SIM, providing local service in over 35 countries and growing every month. Second is the web-based Jasper Wireless Control Center, offering one dashboard for all machines, with complete visibility and control of communications. The third component is a group of vertical application solutions built and optimized to meet the unique needs of specific industries including fleet and asset management, vehicle telematics, security and remote product service.

Wavecom StarService includes the new Wavecom Wireless Microprocessor® 50 with inSIMTM (embedded SIM) free of charge with a subscription to the secure Wavecom Intelligent Device Services web portal. Wavecom inSIMTM is an industrial-grade implementation of traditional SIM cards, built to endure the harsh environments common to M2M applications.

Commercial availability of StarService is early 2008. Find out more: www.wavecom.com/starservice

About Jasper Wireless

Jasper Wireless, a licensed global machine-to-machine (M2M) mobile operator, is the only company built from the ground up to wirelessly connect and manage machines around the world as part of the $32B M2M market. With this dedicated focus, Jasper Wireless is redefining machine-to-machine communications by converging the best in wireless technologies and on-demand Internet applications. The company's unique service model features the Jasper Wireless M2M Global SIM, vertical application solutions, and the Jasper Wireless Control Center for real-time visibility and control to help M2M application providers maximize their revenues. Founded in 2004, Jasper Wireless is a privately held company based in Sunnyvale, CA, with regional offices in the United Kingdom.

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