Wavecom launches StarService, a breakthrough offer combining Intelligent Device Services with a new Wireless Microprocessor

New offer with no up-front costs establishes an unprecedented business model to expand the wireless industrial M2M market
Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) -October 01, 2007

Wavecom S.A. announced today the launch of StarService, a new product and service offer, which includes a Wireless Microprocessor® and a subscription to Wavecom's secure Intelligent Device Service (IDS).

The first StarService offer comes with a new Wavecom Wireless Microprocessor®, WMP50, which is included free of charge as part of the package. This new ARM9-based device has been specifically designed for high-volume industrial M2M and automotive applications. It runs the Open AT® Software Suite, which enables customers to develop embedded applications, and is expandable with a rich set of plug-ins. Samples of the WMP50 are available now.

Wavecom's Intelligent Device Services allow users to remotely manage their wireless devices securely over the air. It is used for upgrading firmware and application software, configuring devices, and implementing remote diagnostics. This M2M service platform can easily be integrated to customers' existing back-end server.

Dr. Ronald Black, Wavecom CEO, commented, "StarService establishes a new business model for industrial M2M and automotive wireless markets. By providing a complete offer with no up-front investment Wavecom is delivering unprecedented value to its customers and facilitating market expansion."

Commercial availability of StarService is early 2008.

Find out more: www.wavecom.com/starservice