Wavecom offers five-year Extended Warranty

Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) -January 31, 2007

Wavecom announced today the availability of an extended warranty period of five years on its Q24 and Q26 series of Wireless CPU®s -- significantly lengthening the current industry standard warranty period of one to two years.

Pierre Teyssier, Wavecom Vice President of Operations commented, "We're so convinced of the superior quality of our Wireless CPU®s, having experienced extremely low failure rates in field, that Wavecom can now set a new industry benchmark of a five-year warranty." He added, "I believe that it will be a key advantage for Wavecom customers as they market their own products."

This five-year warranty duration fulfills the demands of our customers. Most products in Automatic Meter Management, Vehicle and Asset Remote Management, Home and Security and telematics markets carry service contracts up to as long as five years.

Wavecom is proud to demonstrate once again, through this extended warranty offer, its total commitment to customer satisfaction by enabling customers to design state-of-the-art competitive products or services based on Wavecom's Wireless CPU®s.

This new Wavecom extended warranty offer is now available from Wavecom and its distributors.