Wavecom and IBM to Provide End-to-End Machine-to-Machine Solution

Joint Solution Enables Seamless Connectivity between Machines and Enterprises’ Core IT Systems
Cannes, France-February 17, 2003

Wavecom SA (Nasdaq: WVCM; Euronext Nouveau Marché: 7306) today announced it will provide an end-to-end machine-to-machine (M2M) industry solution integrating IBM’s MQ messaging technology, allowing seamless end-to-end connectivity between remote devices and enterprises’ core IT systems.

The pioneering new solution addresses one of the major obstacles to growth within the highly fragmented M2M market. Traditionally, M2M applications have been developed primarily as proprietary solutions, connecting a particular device to a dedicated application. In many industries, however, data from remote devices are becoming increasingly valuable for the enterprise as a whole for billing, production scheduling, accounting and a host of other purposes. The problem has been the transformation of data from heterogeneous collections of remote devices into a format that can be employed by any application or IT system within the corporate network.

The joint solution allows data from any remote device with a serial interface to be transmitted over a cellular network to a WebSphere MQ Integrator message broker and sent in an enriched format to any number of corporate applications using a publish/subscribe messaging model.

IBM’s MQ Integrator SCADA Device Protocol (MQIsdp) is a low-overhead protocol needing little bandwidth, and therefore very well suited for M2M applications which usually transmit small data volumes at regular intervals. Thanks to Wavecom’s open software environment MUSE Platform, the MQIsdp protocol is embedded directly onto Wavecom’s WISMO modules, providing device manufacturers and system integrators with a cost-effective and easily integrated solution enabling them to create end-to-end-connectivity between a network of remote devices and enterprise applications. The new offering is based on open standards and paves the way for previously unprecedented uses of data from remote devices.

“Enterprises can look forward to enjoying the benefits of a lower total cost of ownership and greater return on their IT investment running this standards-based end-to-end solution that can extend the e-infrastructure to integrate machines and e-business systems,” said Jeff Henry, Director, WebSphere Integration Middleware Marketing at IBM.

“By allowing any application or corporate IT system to use data from any kind of remote device, our new offering opens up great new revenue opportunities for our M2M customers,” said Aram Hékimian, CEO of Wavecom. “IBM’s WebSphere MQ family of messaging middleware products represents an industry-accepted standard for enterprise application integration, which enables easy integration of our solution and immediate access to valuable data. We look forward to working with our customers to help them reap the benefits of M2M connectivity on the enterprise scale.”

MQIsdp-enabled WISMO modules will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2003.

About MUSE Platform Open AT:

Wavecom’s MUSE Platform is an open software environment that allows developers to easily develop and embed wireless applications directly onto WISMO modules and modems. One of the products based on the MUSE Platform is Open AT, designed for vertical applications such as telemetric, automotive and multimedia systems. Relying on AT commands to drive the WISMO, Open AT lets developers take advantage of available processing capacity and intelligence of WISMO modules and modems. Thanks to Open AT, developers have more autonomy and flexibility when developing wireless applications. Because developers can embed their applications directly onto WISMO modules and modems, there is no need for extra circuit boards or components. Development costs and time are reduced, and new products get to market faster.