Wavecom launches WISMO Quik

New range of ready-to-use wireless modules for applications to go anywhere, everywhere.
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France-February 05, 2002
Wavecom SA (Nasdaq: WVCM; Nouveau Marché: 7306), a leading developer of digital wireless standard modules (WISMO™), today announced the launch of WISMO Quik, a range of integrated, ready-to-use products. Adaptable and easy to use, WISMO Quik offers the fastest way to integrate full-featured wireless capability into any application.

WISMO Quik is ideal both for handset manufacturers that want fast time-to-market, as well as for the vertical markets for wireless communication such as machine-to-machine, mobile computing and automotive applications. WISMO Quik offers a simple upgrade path for existing customers, as well as full backwards and forwards compatibility as new products are introduced to the range. The range currently includes two product series: the Q2300 and the Q2400.

The WISMO Quik range is unique in the market in that it will include modules based on the two most broadly accepted wireless technologies: GSM/GPRS and CDMA. The Q2330, a CDMA module, will be available in the fourth quarter of 2002. The range will also offer a quad band module (Q2400 series) that will cover the four GSM frequencies (G850/900/1800/1900), allowing for universal GSM roaming.

Commenting on the announcement Aram Hékimian, Chief Executive Officer of Wavecom said: "WISMO Quik makes wireless communication available to everyone. Offering a wide range of options, WISMO Quik can be integrated into any wireless application, and combines leading-edge technology with ease of use. Wavecom has made its name as a pioneer of innovative wireless module development, and WISMO Quik, developed in response to our customers’ needs, is another great example of how technological innovation can be put to very practical use."

WISMO Quik completes and enhances existing product ranges, such as the WISMO Pac, the first GSM/GPRS solution in the form of a single component, launched in November 2001.

The Q2400 series
The new Q2400 series within the WISMO Quik range demonstrates once again Wavecom’s leadership in the integration and optimization of wireless communication modules. By locating all components on one side of the module only, a very thin (3.9mm) and light (11g) product has been created. These single-side Q2400 modules are 40% thinner and 45% lighter than the Wavecom modules currently most widely used, the Q2300 series (formerly WISMO2C). However, the new Q2400 series is fully compatible with the Q2300 series in terms of mechanical footprint, software and hardware interfaces.

The Q2400 series is ideal for applications where board thickness is critical, such as PDAs and handsets. It offers other applications greater flexibility in terms of integration. A dual band (900/1800 MHz) version is expected to be commercially available during the second quarter of 2002. The quad band version, also single-side, is expected to be introduced in the third quarter of 2002.

Further information and specifications can be found on Wavecom’s web site, wavecom.com.

Wavecom will present the WISMO Quik, as well as its other product ranges, at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes from 19-22 February 2002 (Palais des Festivals, Hall 1, stand C).