Wavecom Launches WISMO Pac

WISMO Pac targets PDA and cell phone manufacturers with a complete GSM/GPRS solution in a single component.
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France -November 12, 2001

Wavecom SA (Nasdaq : WVCM ; Nouveau Marché: 7306), a leading developer of digital wireless standard modules (WISMO™), today introduced WISMO Pac, its latest range of wireless communication products. WISMO Pac provides PDA and cell phone manufacturers with a fully integrated GSM/GPRS solution, as well as a full set of options. The launch of WISMO Pac also signals a new Wavecom product definition and branding strategy.

"Never before have so many features and functions been packed into such a compact, easy-to-use package," said Aram Hékimian, Chief Executive Officer of Wavecom. "The combination of its high level of integration and full features make it the right solution for small, advanced handheld devices. The WISMO Pac range is the perfect complement to our WISMO2 offering."

WISMO Pac measures 45 mm x 32.5 mm x 5 mm and weighs only 11 grams, making it the most compact GSM/GPRS solution available anywhere. The first WISMO Pac series announced today, named P3100, includes dual band 900/1800 MHz and 900/1900 MHz versions, which means WISMO Pac applications can operate on GSM/GPRS networks worldwide.

The WISMO Pac P3100 series includes two product models, the P3103 (the 900/1800 MHz version) and the P3113 (the 900/1900 MHz version), each available with either 16/2 Mb or 32/4 Mb of memory.

First Customers

Several customers have already decided to use WISMO Pac to provide GSM/GPRS voice and data communications for their next generation of handheld devices:

Handspring Inc, a leading innovator in handheld computing, selected WISMO Pac for its recently introduced Treo™ family of communicators. Thanks to communication capabilities built into the WISMO Pac, Treo handheld devices offer mobile calling, wireless email, messaging and full Web browsing in one compact device.

"Treo was built from the ground-up for voice and data communications and Wavecom's WISMO Pac is an integral part of the product," said Joe Sipher, vice president of product marketing for Handspring. "GPRS will open up a range of new solutions for this product and a wireless module that accommodates this capability was critical."

TCL Mobile Communication Co., Ltd., a cell phone manufacturer based in the Guangdong province in China, is another early adopter of the WISMO Pac. A customer of Wavecom since July 1999, TCL has already shipped more than a million WISMO2C-powered telephones to the Chinese market. While continuing to produce its existing range of handsets, TCL will use WISMO Pac to bring to market a new, sophisticated model, the 9188.

"We use WISMO Pac just like any other component. Surface-mounting and fully automated positioning make it suitable for the large production runs we foresee for this product," says Dr. Wan, Director and General Manager of TCL.

Wavecom also recently announced a contract with a new customer, Guangzhou Southern High-tech Co., Ltd. (Soutec) of China. Soutec, one of China's top mobile communications companies, has selected WISMO Pac for its next generation of mobile telephones.

Chip-Pac™ Technology

Wavecom's patented Chip-Pac™ technology lies behind the unique WISMO Pac advantages in terms of manufacturing and size. One of the innovative ingredients is a patented Column Grid Array™ (CGA) design. Used to provide shielding as well as connectivity, the CGA enables WISMO Pac to be automatically positioned and soldered onto a circuit board like any regular IC. By combining shielding, mounting and connectivity in a single element, Chip-Pac™ technology enabled Wavecom engineers to develop the world's most compact fully-integrated GSM/GPRS solution.

The WISMO Pac Brand

WISMO Pac represents a departure from Wavecom's previous product development and branding strategy. Building upon the experience and know-how achieved with its first two generations of product offerings, the company is now beginning to bring to market integrated GSM/GPRS solutions in a growing variety of packaging configurations. The WISMO Pac brand is designed to emphasize to customers the particular advantages offered by Wavecom's unique Chip-Pac™ technology. Future product offerings will likewise be branded to emphasize the distinct benefits of each packaging configuration.

"Customers will see more and more solutions like this from Wavecom. Our first two generations of WISMO products enabled us to establish the value and effectiveness of a standard, completely integrated GSM solution useable in a wide variety of applications. Now, we are building on that success by bringing forth offerings specifically designed to respond to the needs of particular markets," said Mr Hékimian in explaining Wavecom's new market approach. "The first two products in the WISMO Pac range represent the first concrete implementation of this strategy."