Orange Developer Challenge LTE-M

Start Date
November 08, 2018
End Date
December 10, 2018
Orange Gardens campus, Châtillon, France

Orange will organize a Developer Challenge event dedicated to B2B companies/professionals to boost the development of IoT solutions with LTE-M kits/connectivity and device/data/events management platforms. The competition will be based on real-life use-cases, solving problems submitted by a large French corporation of the railway and transport industry.

The Event will consist of two on-site sessions at Orange Gardens campus located in Châtillon, France, with online training and support in-between:
  • KickOff, 8th of November, 14:00-21:00 - briefing, networking and start of the competition
  • Finale, 10th of December, 9:00-21:00 - fine tuning of prototypes and pitches, jury and awards

The teams selected to participate to the event will have to develop, an innovative service, application or a prototype of a connected object using LTE-M network and the Orange Live Objects platform for data and device management.