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Wireless Keeps Retailers Open for Business

The concept of “retail” may once have been limited to conducting business from fixed locations, between four walls. But not anymore. Businesses worldwide are using wireless solutions to conduct business anywhere and everywhere. 
By making fast, secure, and reliable connectivity more flexible and portable, the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling: 
  • Easy-to-Deploy Kiosks and ATMs: Vending machines, sales kiosks, digital signs and secure banking transactions can now be brought online in virtually any location in minutes—without having to provision expensive or impractical wired data connections.
  • Secure payment processing: From anywhere inside a restaurant or retail store, point-of-sale (POS) terminals use cellular networks to conveniently process credit card and debit transactions around the globe, without customers ever having to leave their seat. 
  • Temporary connectivity: Launching short-term business operations at an outdoor venue or tradeshow is now as simple as switching on a gateway.
  • Reliable business continuity: For every minute that POS systems are down, retailers lose thousands of dollars in revenues. LTE failover solutions can make sure the business stays online even if the primary data connection goes down. 
  • Faster retail expansion: Rapidly-growing businesses need to expand quickly to capitalize on new opportunities. But negotiating new landlines and waiting for them to be installed can take weeks. Wireless gateways can get new retail locations up and running in minutes. They can support full business operations and provide critical failover connections. 
While wireless technology has been available for many years, traditional 2G and 3G solutions couldn’t provide the performance needed for many retail applications. Now, the wide availability and shrinking cost of LTE connectivity makes it possible to extend broadband capability practically anywhere. And new cloud management services make it easy to monitor, manage, and secure even the largest retail deployments from a central location. 

Sierra Wireless is working with retailers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide to capitalize on the IoT for secure, highly reliable cellular POS and retail applications. We provide the complete device-to-cloud IoT solution, from rugged and reliable gateways, to intelligent embedded modules, to comprehensive cloud and managed connectivity services. And we have the cellular expertise to compress development schedules and help you deploy solutions faster and at a lower cost.

Customer Story

Money Mart Keeps Financial Services Moving with Reliable Wireless Backup

Money Mart is a leading provider of alternative financial services, with nearly 1500 retail locations in North America and Europe. The company has been providing low-cost payday loans, check cashing, money orders and other financial services for more than 30 years.

In the past, when systems went down in a Money Mart location, the company could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. Now, Money Mart is using AirLink ES450 LTE gateways to provide backup connectivity to keep stores up and running at all times.

The AirLink solution provides reliable backup connectivity at every Money Mart location—even in areas where wire-line backup connections would be impossible. The company can set up wireless backup connectivity in less than 10 minutes, and monitor and manage the entire deployment centrally. Money Mart technicians can address connectivity issues proactively—before they affect business operations—and resolve most problems without having to dispatch a technician onsite. 

“We did our due diligence, and I’m glad we chose to upgrade to the AirLink ES450 4G Enterprise Gateway. We have begun our deployment and so far, the upgrade has been seamless and the product has performed perfectly, ensuring our branches are always on-line.”

Pete Wilson, Telecom & Network Administrator

Money Mart

Technology Overview

Connecting Retail & Point of Sales Solutions

Sierra Wireless has two decades of experience delivering business-critical cellular solutions, with millions of connected M2M gateways and modules operating in retail deployments worldwide. We have an in-depth understanding of business and technical requirements for connected POS and retail systems, with support for virtually any interface required.Designed for demanding retail applications, our

AirLink LX60 Dual Ethernet LTE Router provides a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, and simple-to-manage solution for retail environments where flexibility and speed are critical.  It encrypts communications and locks down access control and authentication, and offers secure configuration options to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) payment system standards. 

Our pre-certified wireless solutions, expert professional services, and strong relationships with the world’s leading wireless carriers accelerate network certification and integration. We help customers deploy retail solutions quickly and easily. 

Sierra Wireless provides: 
  • Secure and Intelligent Routers and Gateways: AirLink® Intelligent Gateways provide secure, reliable broadband connectivity. We offer the AirLink LX60 Dual Ethernet LTE Router, management tools and services for business-critical retail deployments, providing persistent connectivity, location-based services and remote monitoring to extend retail operations anywhere.
  • Embedded Solutions: AirPrime® Wireless Modules deliver integrated hardware, software and services to reduce overall system complexity and accelerate your time-to-market. From essential 2G/3G/4G connectivity to application processing modules running a Linux distribution and framework, we provide a future-proof device-to-cloud architecture for building connected retail and point-of-sale solutions.
  • Cloud and Connectivity Services: Our cloud services provide the simplest and most scalable way to securely store, retrieve, analyze, and integrate data in retail applications, and centrally monitor and manage thousands of connected devices over the air. They accelerate time-to-market, reduce risk, and lower deployment and maintenance costs.

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