Upgrade to LTE Before 3G is Gone Forever

Purchase a new Sierra Wireless device and retire a 3G device.

Only Sierra Wireless has the 25+ years of expertise, a securely integrated router and management platform, as well as antenna and connectivity options to simplify your journey to LTE, with proven experience in transitioning organizations between 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.

Extending the Life of Your Deployments Doesn’t Have to Come with a Bigger Bill

Reducing In Transit Damage

New pricing

New pricing on RV55 LTE, LX40 LTE and LX60 LTE, to support your smooth transition to LTE


1 year of support included

With AirLink Complete included in every new device purchase

Global Cellular LPWAN

Single point of accountability

For all your devices and SIMs to simplify operations and reduce your total cost of ownership

Real time

10-20+ more years

To the life of your deployments with LTE

Why Upgrade Now?

More and more European Carriers are working on 3G Sunset plans, as most 3G networks will be switched-off in the next 2 to 3 years, while 2G networks are going to stay for a longer time.

3G sunset emea timeline

Purchase a new Sierra Wireless LTE Router and benefit from new pricing

LTE Upgrade Options



Digital Signage
WAN Failover
Kiosks, POS
Industrial Control
Light Transport

Migration Path

Eligible 3G Routers & Gateways
Typical Use-Case
Recomendded Sierra Wireless LTE Router
Sierra Wireless Routers:
Raven X
Raven XT
PinPoint X
PinPoint XT
Or a comparable 3G device from another manufacturer
Serial based industrial applications, vehicle tracking (SCADA, oil & gas, metering)
Sierra Wireless Routers:
Raven XE
Or a comparable 3G device from another manufacturer
Ethernet based industrial apps, light enterprise (POS, cameras, SCADA)
Sierra Wireless Router:
Or a comparable 3G device from another manufacturer
Rugged industrial, vehicle apps

For companies concerned about moving to 4G LTE technology because of the arrival of 5G, it’s important to recognize that 5G is essentially an evolution of 4G, so it is likely companies won’t have to re-architect their solutions. The software interfaces between the two technologies will be largely the same, while the modules will be pin-out compatible. For LPWA cellular modules, a firmware upgrade will likely be sufficient to move to 5G LTE.

Get one-year free support and device management included with every new LTE device​

Maximize your hardware investment and ensure your applications operate at peak efficiency by subscribing to our best-in-class AirLink Management Service (ALMS) and technical support*.

AirLink Complete is included free for one year with an AirLink router purchase. Device(s) must be registered within 60 days of purchase to get your first year free.

*You can choose to opt-out of ALMS and register your devices for Sierra Wireless Technical Support only.
AirLink Complete Diagram Web
AirLink Complete Pro Diagram Web

In addition, we offer a monitoring service to simplify your transition to LTE

With Sierra Wireless experts taking care of device monitoring and technical support, organizations with limited time or technical resources can rest assured their fleet of devices keeps operating as intended, while focusing on what matters most to their business.

AirLink Complete Pro also includes access to 24/7/365 technical support and an extended hardware warranty of up to 5 years, with an active AirLink Complete Pro account.

The annual subscription cost for AirLink Complete Pro is $120/device, with no minimum AirLink device requirement.

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