Increased usage demands, costs, and green initiatives are pushing electricity, water, gas, and oil utilities to update transmission and distribution infrastructures. Smart grid solutions require end-to-end IP connectivity that is secure, maintainable, and open to enhancement. Wireless connectivity and quick, affordable application development and deployment are critical components for infrastructures that enable new solutions and revenue generating services for:

  • Energy generation: renewable energy, distributed generation sources
  • Transmission and distribution: load management, demand response
  • Smart metering for residential, commercial and industrial
  • Electrical vehicle charging station management
  • Energy Utility Fleets
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Sierra Wireless Energy Solutions diagram

Partner and customer stories


EDMI Smart Metering

EDMI and Sierra Wireless win GSMA "Best Mobile Innovation for Utilities" Award 2011

Duquesne Light

Large US Utility Uses AirLink® Gateways for 24/7 Monitoring and Control of its Distribution Operations Center (DOC)

Renewable Energy Systems

AirLink® Gateways enable Wind Energy Company to Perform Continuous and Reliable Monitoring

AP Systems

Italian leader in energy management systems reduces costs and time to market with AirPrime WMP100 modules and Embedded Application Framework.


Görlitz integrates AirPrime Q2686 embedded modules with the Open AT application framework for a flexible, high-quality metering solution

Oklahoma Natural Gas

Oklahoma Natural Gas trusts AirLink® Gateways to Monitor 17,000 miles of pipeline

Pulse Energy

Energy Management Provider Taps Cellular for Rapidly Deployable Solution in Problem Areas


50,000 Miles of Pipeline Monitored with AirLink® Gateways

Lower Colorado River Authority

River Authority Pilots Integrated Cellular Connectivity for Automated Metering Program Without Replacing Legacy Equipment

Sierra Wireless advantage

Sierra Wireless has more than a decade of experience in wireless data communications for utilities and energy infrastructure. Active membership in industry associations such as ESMIG (European Smart Metering Industry Group) ensures our solutions are compliant with industry standards. From rugged devices with long life spans to management solutions, our products recognize the challenge of operating large device populations in remote areas.

Utilities industry experience and expertise in wireless technologies
Collaborate with a seasoned engineering team experienced in large-scale wireless deployments for utilities around the world, in countries including: Australia, Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, U.K., and U.S.A.

The only technology partner you need for end-to-end solutions
From ruggedized embedded modules, gateways and routers, mobile workforce solutions to software, development tools and services platforms, Sierra Wireless is the only company that can offer all the technology components you need for building end-to-end utility solutions.

Simplify integration and deployment
Get new services to new markets faster with open and proven technologies that allow rapid design and easy integration, with a services platform that enables fast deployment and cost-effective maintenance and support.

Ruggedized and secure product line
Sierra Wireless embedded modules, routers and gateways are designed for long product life spans and rugged conditions. Tested to military specifications, our products deliver secure, reliable wireless connectivity under extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration.

Credibility with wireless carriers worldwide
Leverage Sierra Wireless credibility and long-standing relationships with leading wireless carriers to facilitate network certification and connection.

Sierra Wireless solutions for Energy
Sierra Wireless is the only company that can offer a complete device-to-cloud solution for building end-to-end energy applications.

Sierra Wireless solutions for Energy

AirPrime® Embedded Wireless Modules are designed with low power consumption, are highly reliable, ruggedized and cost effective. AirPrime modules are also supported by Legato™ an open source embedded platform developed by Sierra Wireless. Built on a fully-tested Linux distribution, with a tightly integrated application framework and a suite of pre-integrated and validated M2M tools, Legato provides everything suppliers and OEMs need to quickly build, deploy, and manage connected energy applications.

  • SL Series: programmable and scalable, with advanced features that decrease total system cost. A single form factor supports multiple air interfaces (2G, 3G and 4G, GSM and CDMA).
  • HL Series:  The smallest, scalable, flexible solution in a compact and easy-to-integrate form factor that is completely interchangeable among 2G, 3G, and 4G* technologies.
  • Open AT Application Framework: embedded application framework for industrial applications, which includes an M2M-optimized operating system, a set of libraries, and an integrated development environment. It allows easy management of wireless communications, facilitates integration of any metering protocols, and adds advanced security features (such as encryption and jamming detection) into the wireless module with no extra cost.

AirLink® Intelligent Gateways: Designed for rugged outdoor environments where reliability and security are essential. AirLink gateways remotely monitor and control infrastructure, instrumentation, or surveillance equipment in any industrial application.

  • LS300 Industrial Gateway: A compact 3G industrial gateway with Class I Div 2 certification and small footprint for easy installation.
  • GX Series Gateway: A rugged line of 3G and 4G mobile gateways with GPS and multiple options including Wi-Fi and additional I/O or Ethernet ports.
  • FX Series Programmable Modem: An expandable, rugged 2G or 3G programmable modem with options that include GPS.
  • InMotion Solutions: A suite of products for mobile workforces that includes the oMG, a rugged, mobile communications gateway, the oMM a mobile network management system, the oCM a mobile-optimized VPN server, and applications all backed by a world-class technical services team

AirVantage® M2M Cloud: provides an efficient, cost effective way to develop, deploy and operate M2M services. Accelerate time-to-market, reduce risk and lower deployment and maintenance cost with over the air monitoring and upgrade of AirPrime or AirLink devices.

Embedded SIM: For seamless connection with cellular networks, this award-winning SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) solution is designed to withstand harsh environments (temperature, vibration, humidity).

Professional services: Take advantage of our experience and expertise, from design to deployment. Be assured of network certification with our verification expertise and strong wireless operator relationships.