GL Series

The AirLink® GL Series of programmable modems is our smallest platform for connecting products or developing powerful M2M applications. The 2G GPRS GL series come with either a Serial or USB interface and its compact form factor fits easily into existing equipment or machinery.


Key Features

  • Serial or USB GPRS Modem
  • TCP-IP stack
  • Programmable
  • Industrial graded

Key Benefits

  • Compact, durable form-factor
  • Fully programmable in standard C/C++ with the Open AT Application Framework
  • Supported by AirVantage M2M Cloud for building powerful M2M applications


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The AirCard family of mobile broadband devices has been acquired by Netgear, Inc. As of April 3, 2013, all AirCard products are marketed, sold and supported by Netgear.

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