AirLink® Programmable Modems

AirLink® programmable modems enable you to simply connect your products or serve as a central platform to run embedded applications and build your M2M system. With the Open AT Application Framework and AirVantage® M2M Cloud, you can develop powerful M2M applications that leverage ready-to-use software building blocks to simplify and accelerate application development.

FX Series

Our expandable line of programmable modems.

  • Serial and USB programmable modem
  • Audio, Digital I/O and Ethernet (option)
  • X-card extension slot

link FX Series

GL Series

Our compact line of programmable modems

  • Serial or USB GPRS programmable modem
  • Small footprint integrates
    easily into existing products
  • Durable form factor

link GL Series

M2M Cloud

Our M2M device and data management platform.

  • A powerful device management application
  • A rich set of REST APIs for integrating machine data into enterprise backend systems

link AirVantage M2M Cloud

Application Framework

Spend less time integrating and more time innovating. M2M development is simpler and faster when you're supported by a complete software environment designed to suit your needs.


     •  Operating System
     •  Software Libraries
     •  Developer Studio

    link Open AT® Application Framework 

    Dear visitor,

    The AirCard family of mobile broadband devices has been acquired by Netgear, Inc. As of April 3, 2013, all AirCard products are marketed, sold and supported by Netgear.

    Firmware and support documentation for AirCard devices will still be available from for a transition period.

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