No device detected

The "No device detected" error message means Sierra Wireless 3G Watcher software is unable to see your AirCard.

The main reasons for the "No device detected" error message are:

1) Problems in Device Manager.

Go to Device Manager and check to see if there is a device with a yellow (!) mark.

Reinstall the drivers as per procedure below:

The simplest way to reinstall the drivers is to open 3G Watcher software, click the Menu icon and select Reinstall Drivers.

You can also navigate to the path below and run DriverInst application.

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless Inc\3G Watcher\DriverInstaller and double-click DriverInst (or DriverInst64 if you have 64-bit OS).


b) If you have Toshiba BT ports, follow the workaround below.  

On certain models of Bluetooth-capable notebooks, Toshiba’s Bluetooth port configuration does not properly mark its COM ports as “used”. If a Sierra Wireless AirCard is installed on a COM port that is in use, a resource conflict occurs.

This problem is reportedly occurring on Sony Vaio, Dell Latitude D series, and Acer notebooks. A temporary solution is to disable (or uninstall) all the Bluetooth (BT) ports and then reinsert the Sierra Wireless AirCard.

To disable or uninstall Toshiba Bluetooth ports, do the following:

Now you may reinsert the Sierra Wireless AirCard.


2) Improperly configured anti-virus/firewall software.

Note: This workaround applies to the 3G Watcher build 2203 and older. An update to the latest version of 3G Watcher will solve this issue.

You may see "No device detected" or "Initializing…" messages in 3G Watcher or another connection software application. These messages may appear even when all drivers have been properly installed and there is no resource conflict in Device Manager.

This issue has been reproduced with ZoneAlarm (Checkpoint) and Norton 360, but you may see it with other anti-virus/firewall software.

This problem seems to be related to the firewall settings blocking the Loopback IP address and port 25377, which is used by 3G Watcher. In this case, 3G Watcher cannot detect the device.


Note: If you have any other questions on configuring your anti-virus software, please contact the software vendor.


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