AirVantage Enterprise Platform (AVEP)

The AirVantage Enterprise Platform offers advanced REST APIs and device management dashboards
for fast machine data integration into backend systems and applications.

Simple Data Integration

Application Development


Drive operational efficiency

  • Integrate inventory data with your CRM to notify sales when their customer’s inventory is low.

  • Integrate maintenance data with your ERP to generate a field ticket when a customer is having trouble with their equipment.

    Accelerate new service innovation

    • Generate new service revenue by developing a web app that lets customers monitor equipment usage and automate supply ordering.

    • Increase customer satisfaction by proactively monitoring machines for problems and prevent downtime in the future.

    Read our customer stories to find out some of the many business solutions we deliver.

    Key Features
    • Provision Sierra Wireless devices in a few clicks, or connect 3rd party hardware to the platform using simple HTTP, REST, or MQTT protocols that have become the IoT/M2M standards.
    • Send data and receive commands with a complete set of REST APIs.
    • Notify with email or Webhooks to integrate a wide range of enterprise IT software applications.
    • Develop custom web applications using standard web frameworks.
    • Store and forward high bandwidth device messages or events reliably to the enterprise using our data queuing integration option (based on AMQP standard).
    Type of APIs available
    • Data access
    • Device management
    • Alert rules
    • User embedded application data management
    • Mobile network subscription management
    • Administration and account management

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