AirPrime® WS6318

The AirPrime® WS6318 packs all the radio, processing, memory, and software you need for essential M2M connectivity into a miniature 15 x 18 mm module.

Protected by a layer of conformal coating material, a unique technology in the wireless module space, its LGA package is extremely resistant to harsh environmental conditions.


Key Features

  • Dual-band GSM/GPRS voice and data
  • Miniature size: 15 x 18 mm
  • Advanced audio capabilities (configurable PCM)
  • TCP/IP and FTP

Key Benefits

  • Ultra small and easy to use
  • Value-optimized 2G module for essential M2M requirements
  • Resists harsh environmental conditions with industrial temperature range


  • If you purchased your modules from a reseller or distributor, please contact your reseller directly for technical support.
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Where To Buy

AirPrime WS6318 is available from Sierra Wireless distribution partners and resellers around the world. Our resellers provide local, responsive sales support and technical expertise.

Select your country from the drop-down list below to find your nearest distributor.


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