Open AT® Application Framework

Open AT® Application Framework is a complete software package for developing embedded M2M applications in standard C/C++. 

It is a standards-based technology used by millions of devices worldwide and with a proven track record of more than 10 years in the field. It is supported by a well-established ecosystem and a forum with an active M2M developer community.

Bring your solution to market faster and more cost-effectively when you take advantage of the building blocks in Open AT:

  • An operating system designed specifically for M2M
  • Integrated libraries that make it easy to add extra features and protocols
  • Developer Studio, a free of cost development tool, that streamlines your software development


Key Features

  • Designed specifically for M2M: with native support for wireless services (voice call, data call, SMS) and TCP/IP connectivity
  • Integrated libraries: including Location, eCall, Security, Internet, AirVantage™ Agent, and third-party libraries
  • Developer studio: an integrated development environment built on Eclipse™ with tools for coding, debugging, target download, and target monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Spend more time innovating, less time integrating
  • Accelerate application development and reduce cost
  • Effortlessly deploy one application on global 2G and 3G networks


  • Get technical documentation and software in the Developer Zone.
  • For quick troubleshooting, search the Developer Forum, or ask the Forum members for help. (To post a question, you first need to log in. If you don't already have an account, create one here.) 
  • Submit a technical support question to our Helpdesk.



To download the Open AT Application Framework, go to our Developer Zone.

Minimum PC configuration: Java 1.6.x and Windows® XP, Vista, 7

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