InMotion Solutions

Transit agencies, first responders and commercial fleets rely on an increasing number of mobile communications devices to do their work in the field. Today’s mobile workforce needs mobile networking technologies that provide seamless and secure connectivity for all of these devices – anywhere, all the time – while taking advantage of the latest high speed networks.

Built specifically to provide long service life in physically demanding mobile environments, InMotion Solutions have been proven in hundreds of mission-critical applications, from emergency response to public safety, utilities, and transit.

The InMotion Solution suite of products include the oMG Mobile Gateway (oMG), a rugged, mobile communications gateway, the oMM Management System (oMM) a mobile network management system, the mobile-optimized oCM VPN Server (oCM), and applications all backed by a world-class technical services team. InMotion Solutions simplify the deployment, management, and maintenance of advanced mobile networking solutions within any enterprise environment.

InMotion Solutions


The oMG Mobile Gateway (oMG) is a multi-network, rugged, mobile communications gateway that delivers high performance, secure wireless broadband networking for mobile applications, extending the enterprise network to the fleet and ensuring the reliable flow of information to and from any device or application. 

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The oMM Management System (oMM) enables operations and IT teams to manage the mobile network from any browser providing access to monitor, configure, troubleshoot and control on-board assets, IT devices and vehicle telemetry, enabling maximum resource optimization.

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The mobile-optimized oCM VPN Server (oCM) provides secure IP mobility and sub-second switching in a multi-network environment.

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