oMM Management System

The oMM Management System collects and analyzes data from a fleet of oMG Mobile Gateways (oMG). These tools provide managers with a virtual dashboard to securely track, manage, and troubleshoot all mobile resources, modify configurations, monitor network coverage, troubleshoot IT devices and more. Email alerts and real-time map views identify resource utilization and optimize the true value of your mobile workforce.

To augment the fleet status snapshot provided by the dashboard, historical reports are used for deeper analysis and troubleshooting. The oMM includes core reports that provide fleet adminstrators a means to assess overall fleet health and troubleshoot problems. Example reports include but are not limited to:

  1. Coverage Map – fleet-wide cellular coverage maps to assess overall carrier or network performance
  2. Coverage Trails – connectivity for individual vehicles by location
  3. Link Utilization – time-based view of connectivity status for each active WAN link
  4. Availability Trend - percentage of in-service time that individual gateways were accessible over-the-air
  5. Bandwidth Consumption - volume of data received/transmitted on each network

The oMM is accessible from any browser, and is available as a hosted service, or as an appliance licensed for operation within your enterprise network.


Sierra Wireless offers support packages for InMotion Solutions to ensure you’re covered – 24/7, 365 days a year.

Most of our customers choose Platinum Extended Support, which includes the following:

  • Access to hosted oMM
  • Extended Software Support including software upgrades and updates
  • Expedited Hardware Support including advanced replacement service and expedited RMA
  • Extended Technical Support
  • Access to Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base provides customers with a single source of information about our products and services. From installation and operations manuals and user guides to configuration guides and product bulletins, the Knowledge Base is designed to help you find the information you need quickly. We also have a dedicated section which includes vendor-specific application notes that will help you quickly integrate your applications – from CAD and AVL to ECGs into your mobile network.

We also provide a full range of deployment services to help you design, deploy and configure your mobile network that can reduce your implementation costs and time. We’ll work with you to integrate new applications and provide project management services to ensure even the most complex projects are rolled out smoothly to your fleet.

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